Iji 1.6

Huge sci-fi action platformer


  • Big game
  • Good story
  • Lots of player choice


  • Text speech can be too long

Very good

Iji is an action packed indie platform game, set in a future where Earth has been overrun by aliens.

Your character, Iji, awakes six months after the alien attack, to find she has been turned into a nano technology-based cyborg, making her humanity's last hope. Iji mixes platforming gameplay with role playing elements. You can choose how to play the game, and what skills you want Iji to develop.

As she progresses, guided by brother Dan, Iji can use violence or peaceful methods. These change her development, and mean Iji can feel very different depending how you decide to play.

Iji's controls are fairly simple, but the RPG elements mean there can be a lot to think about. The soundtrack and effects are good, and the story is interesting. Iji's graphics are reminiscent of 16-bit gaming, but are well animated and suit the gameplay.

What's really impressive about Iji is its ambition and scale. For a free game it's really incredible, with its involving storyline and excellent upgrades. If you enjoy games like Cave Story, Iji is for you. The only real down side is that sometimes there is too much text driving the story, but that's only a small complaint..

Mixing Metroid like exploration with RPG elements, Iji is a unique platformer, which is well worth playing through.



Iji 1.6

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  • by Anonymous

    I played this game in my childhood , not only that but I love the game itself , the story...   More